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2021 Budget Oversight Hearing Schedule and Participation Instructions

The District Government is due to receive an increased amount of federal payments this year. Because of this, we must adjust our annual budget oversight timeline so that the Mayor can incorporate these additional dollars into the proposed Fiscal Year 2022 Budget and the accompanying five year financial plan.

The budget was going to initially be submitted to the Council on March 31, 2021, but that submission date has now been changed to April 22, 2021. The schedule provided below encompasses the full 70-day period for the Council’s consideration of the budget. This schedule also currently includes a separate hearing on the federal stimulus funds we expect as part of the budget submission.

At a later date, Council committees will reschedule the budget hearings. As soon as we have them confirmed, we will circulate the new dates along with participation instructions. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Schedule

  • Thursday April 22, 2021: Release of the Mayor’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
  • Friday April 23, 2021: Mayor’s briefing on the Fiscal Year 2022 budget before the Council
  • Monday April 26, 2021 through Thursday May 20, 2021: Committee hearings on the budget
  • Monday May 10, 2021: Hearing on the expected federal stimulus funds in the budget
  • Friday May 21, 2021: Hearing on the Budget Support Act
  • Tuesday May 25, Wednesday May 26, Thursday May 27, 2021: Committee markups
  • Thursday June 3, 2021: Council budget working session
  • Tuesday June 15, 2021: First budget vote
  • Tuesday June 29, 2021: Second LBA vote
  • Tuesday July 13, 2021: Second BSA vote (tentative)

2021 Budget Oversight Hearing Schedule and Participation Instructions
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