ANC Redistricting Taskforce

The redrawing of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission boundaries begins with the creation of eight ward-level task forces, one for each ward. Each task force will draft new recommended ANC boundaries including new boundaries for each ANC single member district (SMD) in their ward. The recommendations will be submitted to the Council by April 1st. The Council will then review, mark-up the recommendations, and take a final vote to approve the new boundaries.

Ward 2 Taskforce Members

Councilmember Pinto has appointed the following neighbors to the Ward 2 ANC Redistricting Taskforce: 

  • (ANC 2A) Barbara Kahlow and James Harnett
  • (ANC 2B) Anthony Musa and Paul Cadario
  • (ANC 2C) Howard Marks
  • (ANC 2D) Kindy French and Donald Friedman
  • (ANC 2E) Monica Roache and Eric Langenbacher
  • (ANC 2F) Austin Naughton (Chair) and Evelyn Boyd Simmons
  • (ANC 6E) Gretchen Wharton and Ankit Jain
  • Appointee of Councilmember Anita Bonds: Robert Meehan (ANC 2B)


The Taskforce Meetings have now concluded.

The Subcomittee on Redistricting will host two public hearings on

You can sign-up to testify for the April 7th Hearing here.

You can sign-up to testify for the April 28th Hearing here.

Recordings of Taskforce Meetings

Maps and Comments submitted by the public

Maps and comments that have already been submitted by the public for consideration by the taskforce may be found here.

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