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As the Ward 2 Councilmember, Brooke is committed to ensuring that our government is transparent, accessible, and accountable to the residents it serves. Her top priorities include reforming the District's criminal justice system, helping small and local businesses thrive in a post-pandemic local economy, relieving homelessness, expanding the District's affordable housing stock, and empowering women and girls.

Brooke has also proven herself to be a friend of the everyday workforce, an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, a listening ear for families connected to Ward 2 schools, and an advocate for senior citizens. In addition to advocating for these communities, Brooke will also promote environmental sustainability, explore opportunities to improve and vary our city’s transportation routes, and support D.C. statehood.

To learn more about the Council committees of which Brooke is a members and to learn more about the legislation she has authored and supported while on the Council, please click on one of the links below.

Councilmember Pinto's Committee Memberships for Council Period 24 (2021-2022) include:

The Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety
The Committee on Business and Economic Development
The Committee on Housing and Executive Administration
The Committee on Government Operations and Facilities
The Special Committee on COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

Legislative Priorities

Recent Updates

Brooke’s Briefing: Addressing Gun Violence, the Council's First Budget Vote, and Supporting Business Non-Compete, Ranked-Choice Voting, and Child Wealth Building

July 27, 2021
We have all been horrified by the gun violence epidemic that continues to plague our city. After suffering the tragic loss of 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney, and hearing shots outside of the Nationals Stadium, we also witnessed recent shootings in the 14th street corridor and in other neighborhoods throughout our city.Please know that I am devoted to working with my colleagues, our Mayor, Attorney General, the Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Department of Justice, and other public safety partners to provide a comprehensive approach to address this violence to include increasing investments in violence interruption, community investment and diversion programs, and also ensuring people who commit these unacceptable crimes are held accountable. We will be receiving support from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to combat the illegal firearms that have been flowing into our city from other jurisdictions. On the legislative front, I have co-introduced legislation to bring a ranked-choice voting system to our city and voted to establish a bonds program to help secure the financial futures of our youngest residents to help close the racial wealth gap. The Council also took its first votes on legislation concerning the Fiscal Year 2022 budget to pass sweeping supports for our residents, families, parks, and businesses. You can read more on these items in this newsletter.
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