Priorities & Legislation

Councilmember Pinto is committed to serving Ward 2 residents by advocating on their behalf and promoting legislation that meets their needs. Her top priorities include:

  • Promoting Public Safety: We must address the cycles of crime and violence that are traumatizing DC communities. Councilmember Pinto is committed to putting an end to gun violence, preventing domestic violence and hate crimes, and ensuring young people and returning citizens have the resources they need for a productive future.
  • Addressing Homelessness: All residents deserve a safe and stable place to live. Councilmember Pinto is working to promote affordable housing, ensure there are adequate case workers and service providers to help get unhoused residents into housing, and provide bridge housing so residents waiting for permanent housing options are not living on the street or outside in encampments.
  • Supporting Small Businesses and Ensuring Downtown Economic Recovery: Our Downtown is the economic engine of our city and our small businesses are vital to DC’s culture and communities. Councilmember Pinto is making it easier for businesses to open, supporting existing businesses, and helping to create a multi-use, resilient downtown.  
  • Empowering Women and Girls: We must address systemic barriers that continue to hold back women and girls. Councilmember Pinto has made supporting women and girls one of her top priorities by focusing on promoting women in business, increasing the accessibility of menstrual products, and fighting back on attempts to restrict abortion access.  
  • Increasing the Availability and Reliability of Sustainable Transportation: We are all better off when our city is easy to get around in an environmentally friendly way. Councilmember Pinto is an advocate for public transit and other solar and sustainability efforts to help protect our environment.

Councilmember Pinto's Committee Memberships for Council Period 25 (2023-2024) include:

The Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, Chairwoman

The Committee on Business and Economic Development

The Committee on Housing

The Committee on Public Works and Operations

The Special Committee on COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

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