Brooke's Briefing: Earth Day Cleanup Tomorrow and Budget Oversight Updates

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V. Casarrubias
April 19, 2024

Dear Neighbor,

As we turn the corner into springtime blossoms and warmer days, I’m writing to remind neighbors about my Earth Day Cleanup tomorrow, April 20th, as well as to share updates on the Council’s ongoing budget oversight process.

Earth Day Cleanup

I will be hosting my annual Ward 2 Earth Day Cleanup tomorrow, April 20th in partnership with District Cleanups, Logan Circle Community Association, and Logan Circle Main Street! We will begin at Garrison Elementary School (1200 S St NW) and then spread throughout the neighborhood to beautify our community.

Though trash bags and grabbers will be provided, we encourage you to bring your own supplies, including bags, gloves, and water. Please contact Maddy White at with any questions. RSVP here for more information - we hope to see you soon!  

Hearings Recap

JPS Budget Oversight Hearing: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and the Department of Forensic Sciences

On April 4th, I held a budget oversight hearing with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and the Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS), two critical agencies in our public safety ecosystem. OCME reviews all deaths in the District that are unexpected, involve violence, or happen in custody. DFS analyzes forensic data that aids in proving the veracity of cases. A few of my takeaways:

OCME Takeaways:

DFS Takeaways:

JPS Public Hearing: Violence Intervention Efforts in DC

On April 5th, I held a hearing on violence intervention (VI) efforts in DC and about Councilmember McDuffie’s proposal to merge the District’s two primary VI programs: the “Cure the Streets” program under the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) under Mayor Bowser. Both programs manage grants with community organizations, among other violence intervention initiatives. A few of my takeaways:

Thank you to DC Attorney General Schwalb and Deputy Mayor Appiah for testifying and to Councilmember McDuffie for introducing the Safe Neighborhoods bill to move us in an informed and deliberate direction.

JPS Budget Oversight Hearing: Office of Police Complaints and Metropolitan Police Department

On April 9th, I held a budget oversight hearing for the Office of Police Complaints (OPC) and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The hearing demonstrated that the proposed budget for OPC could be bolstered by staffing and technological support, while the proposed budget for MPD aims to improve community relations, hiring and retention, and technology at the Department. A few of my takeaways:

OPC Takeaways:

MPD Takeaways:

I'll continue to advocate for initiatives that improve safety, trust, and accountability with the public and continue to improve morale for MPD hiring and retention. Thank you to Director Tobin and Chief Smith for testifying and to Councilmembers Parker, Lewis George, and Frumin for joining.

JPS Budget Oversight: Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, Fire and Emergency Management Services, Department of Corrections, Corrections Information Council, and Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

On April 10th, I held a budget oversight hearing on the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice (DMPSJ), Fire and Emergency Management Services (FEMS), Department of Corrections (DOC), Corrections Information Council (CIC), and Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). A few of my takeaways:

COW Budget Oversight Hearing: DC Public Schools and Office of the State Superintendent of Education

On April 11th, I joined the Committee of the Whole’s budget oversight hearing on DC Public Schools (DCPS) and Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). I was particularly interested in the proposed literacy investments for our educators and implementation of safe recreation space, and I was very concerned about proposed funding cuts to Ward 2 schools. A few of my takeaways:

I will continue to conduct rigorous oversight over our District agencies and advocate for pressing needs in order to secure a budget that reflects our values for a safe, vibrant, and opportunity-rich DC.

Yours in Service,


As Chairwoman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, I will be holding hearings on the budgets of District agencies that fall within the jurisdiction of the Committee over the next several weeks. This will culminate in creating a committee report that makes adjustments to these agency budgets. The hearings will be held according to the below schedule, and you can find more information on how to sign-up to testify at these hearings here.

We hope to hear from many of you, as your input is critical to the budget process.


In the last few weeks, Councilmember Pinto and Team Pinto have been out and about in Ward 2 and across the city, including to:

The Washington Post: Opinion written by Councilmember Pinto | Secure D.C. is just a start. Here’s how to make D.C. safe and vibrant. “I heard the same message in living rooms, at houses of worship, on sidewalks and inside community centers. Everyone demanded safety and action. Collectively, we all wanted to send a clear message that we cannot, and will not, tolerate the gun violence or crime trends that have been devastating our communities. And we knew we needed a dynamic and multifaceted response to address all the factors that make residents feel unsafe.”

WATCH: WUSA9: Fines, arrests take effect for Metro fare evaders in DC.“Councilmember Brooke Pinto who sponsored the Secure DC bill that made this change a reality says the biggest misconception about this new policy, is how it applies to kids. ‘Metro Transit Police has a policy, they do not enforce fines against kids,’ she told WUSA9. Pinto also pushed families to take advantage of the program available for kids to get for free Metro rides...The new higher fare gates have decreased fare evasion by more than 70% at the stations that have them according to the transit system.”

Washington Blade: D.C. Council member proposes LGBTQ senior housing in Ward 2. “In a Feb. 27 letter to Bowser proposing specific amounts of city funding on a wide range of issues, including the Council’s recently passed crime bill, Pinto told Bowser the need for affordable housing for LGBTQ seniors is pressing. ‘Having faced decades of workplace and healthcare discrimination and been barred for most of their lives from marrying or having children, our LGBTQQIA+ seniors are more likely to face financial and health challenges and need housing and social supports as they age,’ Pinto states in her letter.”

WATCH: WJLA: DC Council unanimously approves $515M deal to fund Capital One Arena improvements. “The District's rapid movement to introduce today's financing proposal signifies and demonstrates D.C.'s commitment to revitalizing and supporting Capital One arena and our downtown,’ Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto said moments before the vote. ‘The agreement will breathe energy and opportunity into our downtown through these renovations to the arena, additional opportunities for our entertainment spaces and festivals."

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