Brooke's Briefing - Gun Violence Prevention Roundtables and Breakfast with Brooke

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Z. Ades
March 8, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

I want to share some updates about my gun violence prevention roundtable, upcoming community office hours, the Revised Criminal Code and ANC meetings.  

Gun Violence Prevention: This past week, I hosted a three-day gun violence prevention roundtable bringing together the community, government leaders, and experts to identify actionable solutions to our gun violence crisis. We heard some incredibly emotional and powerful testimony and I am so grateful to everyone who took the time to share their stories and ideas for solutions with the Committee. Now, my team and I will be taking what we heard from the hearings and crafting legislation to address the problems that were raised and implement the solutions that were suggested. You can watch all three days of hearings on my YouTube page. You can also read summaries of day one, two and three on my social media. Stay tuned for more chances to testify in person soon as we begin to work on the budget!

Community Office Hours: There are many opportunities coming up for you to share your concerns and suggestions with me. This Thursday, I will be hosting “Breakfast with Brooke” in ANC 2C at Teaism in Penn Quarter. Join me for your morning tea and a bite to eat and share with me your priorities and ask me any questions on your mind. RSVP here!

Revised Criminal Code: As many of you have likely heard by now, the RCCA is likely to be disapproved by Congress (effectively overturned) today. This is an incredibly frustrating development that threatens DC’s autonomy and violates the democratic will of DC residents. The urgency of statehood has never been clearer: the democratic rights of DC residents will continue to be used and bargained away by politicians on the Hill until we become the 51st state. As has always been my plan, I will continue working with my Council colleagues, the Mayor, the Attorney General, Congresswoman Norton, and our allies in Congress to determine a realistic and strategic path forward for this important work as we work to improve public safety and have a modernized criminal code.

ANC Meetings: I also am visiting all of our ANC meetings this month. Check out the graphic in the announcements section below to see when I will be at your ANC’s meeting.

I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!

My best,


Gun Violence Prevention Roundtables: Councilmember Pinto hosted a three-day public safety roundtable to hear from residents, government agencies, and experts about what they want to see the city do to address gun violence. On days one and two, Councilmember Pinto heard powerful testimony from the public on Zoom and at the Anacostia Library about their experiences with gun violence. On Monday, Councilmember Pinto brought government agency leaders and experts together in the same room to discuss actionable solutions and opportunities for cooperation to address our gun violence crisis.

Finishing Up Oversight Hearings: The Council is finishing up oversight hearings, the first step in the Budget process. Over the last month, Councilmember Pinto held oversight hearings for a number of key public safety agencies including the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, the Office of the Attorney General, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Office of Unified Communications, and the Department of Corrections. You can find recordings of the hearings and written testimony from all of the agencies here.  

Later this month, the Mayor will send her proposed budget to the Council and Councilmember Pinto will begin holding hearings with judiciary and public safety agencies to determine final budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, FY24.

Want to know how the budget process works? Check out this infographic below to learn more:

Working with Council Colleagues to Co-Introduce Legislation to Keep Schools Safe: In response to calls from educators, parents, and students, Councilmember Pinto joined Councilmember Trayon White as co-introducer on legislation to keep school resource officers (SROs) in schools. Alongside teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals, trained and trauma-informed SROs are important members of school communities and play a vital public safety role.

In the last few weeks, Councilmember Pinto and Team Pinto have been out and about in Ward 2 and across the city including to:


The Washington Post: D.C. Council voted police out of schools. Increased crime prompts a proposal to keep them. “’School resource officers who are trained in how to deal with children, are trauma-informed, and can respond quickly to dangerous incidents when they do arise are a valuable part of our school communities and play a crucial public safety role,’ Pinto said in a statement.”

The Georgetowner: Crime: Bowser and Pinto Move to Stem D.C. Car Thefts and Gun Violence; Recent MPD Reports. “Councilmember Pinto, now serving on the D.C. Council as the Chairwoman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety – with primary responsibility for re-examining revisions to D.C.’s criminal code –  will also be addressing gun violence in the District by hosting a three-day public roundtable on gun violence prevention on March 3, 4, and 6. The roundtables will allow public testimony and are designed to ‘bring together community, government agencies, and experts to discuss gun violence in the District and develop actionable solutions to this epidemic,’ Pinto said.”

The Washington Informer: Youth Continue to Weigh In on Public Safety Issues. In speaking about the legislation, Pinto said that she plans to explore the issue of police staffing more holistically and in the context of what residents and officials have discussed over the last couple of years. ‘Since George Floyd, the conversation has been urgent to ensure there is police accountability,” Pinto said. “We have to have a good and accountable police department. A lot of effort went into the police commission. My goal is to have a hearing and an earnest conversation on where we are on police staffing, and hiring and firing practices.’”

Team Pinto is going on neighborhood walks with each of our amazing Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners! This week, we’re highlighting ANC 2F03 and Commissioner Joe Florio. Brian from Team Pinto met with Commissioner Florio to walk ANC 2F03, the area to the west of Logan Circle. They discussed improving safety and cleanliness on our streets and sidewalks and ensuring both neighbors and businesses are able to thrive in the area. If you live in ANC 2F03, you can reach Commissioner Florio at

Fun Fact: ANC 2F03 is home to Studio Theater! Check out their 2022-2023 season here!  

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