Brooke's Briefing: Redistricting, Recovery, Road & Sidewalk Safety

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Genevieve Hulick
October 29, 2021

Good Morning!

It has been a very exciting week in the community. I want to share some updates with you:

Redistricting: This week, the Special Committee on Redistricting held a hearing to discuss redistricting in Ward 2. It was great to hear from neighbors about how the lines should be redrawn, the priorities of maintaining a sense of community, rectifying past gerrymandering, and advancing the goals of equal representation and racial equity. It’s not too late to share your ideas on redistricting! A final, citywide redistricting hearing will be held on Friday, November 5, at noon. Please sign up to testify to make your preferences known as the subcommittee is considering many changes. You can find out how testify at this hearing and watch the livestream here. My goal remains to ensure that Ward 2 neighborhoods stay together and contiguous and that we are inclusive to as many perspectives as possible.  

Recovery: On October 19, I introduced the “RECOVERY Amendment Act of 2021.” The Recovery Act is targeted to support District residents, workers, and businesses with the goal of transforming our office corridors from solely commercial uses to a vibrant city core that includes mixed-use developments, affordable housing, and jobs and green space as a driver of growth. The bill has a special focus on the Central Business District which includes the Downtown and Golden Triangle Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). At-Large Councilmember Christina Henderson has joined me in co-introducing the legislation.

Road and Sidewalk Safety: Earlier in October, I held a North Dupont Circle Transportation Safety Walk to meet with neighbors and hear directly from you about your transit safety concerns and identify immediate actions that could be taken to address them. After completing the walk, which brought us to five stops in the area, my team and I compiled and sent a list of actions items to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). I am working with DDOT to address the challenges listed here and others to ensure that these critical needs are met.  

Lastly, this weekend, many families will celebrate Halloween and I hope everyone has a fun and safe time trick-or-treating! I will be joining the Little Goblin's Parade in Logan Circle on Saturday as well as the CAG celebration in Georgetown (you can find both invitations below!). Please say hello, if you can tell who I am in costume :)  

Yours in Service,  


In the Community

This fall, Councilmember Pinto and her team were excited to connect with neighbors in their communities and at other public events.

A few of Team Pinto’s highlights from these events included:

Legislative Updates and Council News

The Recovery Act: To encourage shared growth for the Cental Business District, the RECOVERY Amendment Act advances three strategies of tax incentives and grant programs that ogether will catalyze growth by (1) incentivizing mix uses (2) attracting businesses to locate in the Central Business District (3) and encouraging entrepreneurship and catalyzing innovation

Ward 2 Redistricting Hearing: A final, citywide redistricitng hearing will be held on Friday, November 5, at noon. You can find out how to testify at this hearing and watch the livestream here.


Councilmember Pinto’s Community Service Day is postponed due to weather. Team Pinto will provide an update on a new date.

It’s that time of year Ward 2! The Department of Public Works  will begin regular leaf collection this Monday, 11/1/21 through 1/22/22. Please find Ward 2's collection schedule & more information on the program below.  For missed leaf collections, residents can call 311.

Join Councilmember Pinto this weekend for Halloween activities!

Residents are now able to get their flu shots, and eligible residents are encouraged to get COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. To find out who is eligible and how to register for the shot, please click here to view the information presented at the District’s comprehensive website for the coronavirus vaccine and pandemic recovery. Residents are also encouraged to get their flu shots and can check with their primary care doctors or local pharmacies for availability.

Mayor Bowser announced that the Ticket Amnesty Program  deadline has been extended from September 30, 2021 until December 31, 2021.

Under the program, eligible drivers only have to pay their original ticket amounts; any penalties are waived. Beginning in 2022, the penalties for late payment will be reinstated.

Who is eligible? District and non-District drivers with outstanding tickets, including District residents who are having trouble obtaining a REAL ID credential because of outstanding tickets.

What tickets are eligible? Tickets issued before December 31, 2021.

What types of tickets are eligible? Parking, photo enforcement (including speed, red-light, and stop sign) and minor moving violations issued by law enforcement.

What will I have to pay? You will pay the original ticket amount. Any penalties will be waived. Department of Public Works tow and storage fees, if any, will not be waived. Residents and non-residents facing financial hardship should contact the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Central Collection Unit (OCFO CCU) for hardship options.

More information can be found at

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