Councilmember Pinto announces Secure DC Plan to address public safety

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V. Casarrubias
September 18, 2023


Contact: Victoria Casarrubias, Communications Director


Today, Councilmember Brooke Pinto, Chairwoman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, introduced a comprehensive package of bills and initiatives – Secure DC Plan – to take urgent and targeted action to address public safety. The Secure DC Plan builds on the substantial budget investments passed by the Committee and the successful passage of Councilmember Pinto’s emergency legislation to address crime earlier this year.  

Councilmember Pinto’s Secure DC Plan addresses every aspect of our legal justice system by increasing accountability for violent crime and gun offenses, giving our public safety agencies the tools needed to address hiring and retention challenges, and enhancing infrastructure to make our schools, recreational spaces, and commercial and transit corridors safer. The Secure DC Plan will drive the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety’s agenda this fall.  

“We are experiencing a crisis of violence in the District, and we must address the gaps in our legal system in order to prevent the proliferation of violence in our communities. Too many of our residents are afraid. My comprehensive package of legislative initiatives is a compilation of common-sense, targeted interventions that will urgently and practically improve safety for DC residents,” said Councilmember Pinto.  

“The Secure DC Plan that I am proposing today creatively and expansively addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing our communities. I hear from residents every day about the need for accountability when harm occurs and how desperately residents want to feel and be secure in their communities. I hear from government partners about the challenge to meet resident needs without adequate staffing. I hear from justice-involved individuals about the lack of access to job training and career development opportunities. My Secure DC Plan fills these gaps and addresses the need for interventions targeting all angles of public safety – from prevention, to accountability, to ending cycles of violence.”

Councilmember Pinto worked with partners across the District to develop the Secure DC Plan, including with the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. “I am glad Councilmember Pinto introduced these bills today, and I support her plan to improve public safety in the District. These provisions will better enable our office to prosecute cases that are harming our communities and fill legal gaps that will make our residents safer,” said United States Attorney Matthew Graves.  

The Secure DC Plan includes a host of newly introduced bills as well as plans to hold hearings on and move legislation Councilmember Pinto introduced earlier this year.  

Councilmember Pinto’s Secure DC Plan consists of:

  1. Introducing the Addressing Crime through Targeted Interventions and Violence Enforcement (ACTIVE) Act of 2023
  1. Introducing the Improving Safety and Emergency Response on Transit Corridors Amendment Act of 2023  
  1. Introducing the Safe Commercial Corridors Amendment Act of 2023  
  1. Introducing the Government Recruitment and Retention Act of 2023
  1. Introducing the Transgender and Gender-Diverse Mortality and Fatality Review Committee Establishment Act of 2023
  1. Introducing the Leading Education Access for Reentry and Necessary Success (LEARNS) Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Introducing the Expanding Community Access to Safe and Clean Recreational Space Act of 2023
  1. Holding a public hearing on the Accountability and Victim Protection Amendment Act of 2023  
  1. Holding a public hearing on the Operations of the Office of Unified Communications’ 911 Call Center and the Office of Unified Communication (OUC) Transparency and Accuracy Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Holding a public hearing on the Metro Safety Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Holding a public joint oversight roundtable on the Executive’s and Attorney General’s Violence Prevention Efforts  
  1. Holding a public roundtable on strategies to prevent retail theft in the District
  1. Moving the Prioritizing Public Safety Emergency Amendment Act in permanent legislation
  1. Moving the Grounds for Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Moving the District of Columbia Crime Victimization Survey Act
  1. Moving the Food Regulation Ensures Safety and Hospitality Specialty Training Aids Reentry Transition and Success (FRESH STARTS) Act of 2023

To improve public safety, Councilmember Pinto’s Secure DC Plan will:

Ensure Accountability by

Prevent Crime and Violence by

Support Police and First Responders by

End Cycles of Violence by

Strengthen Government Coordination by

Councilmember Pinto looks forward to conducting a thorough public engagement process on her Secure DC Plan to act urgently to make effective and sustained improvements in public safety.  

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