Final Council Vote Tomorrow on Secure DC

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V. Casarrubias
March 4, 2024

Dear Neighbor,

I am writing to share an update on my Secure DC legislation.

Secure DC – Council Vote on Tuesday, March 5th

The Council will hold its second and final vote tomorrow on my Secure DC public safety omnibus tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5th. It’s critical that you share that you support the bill with the Council. I encourage you to write an email voicing your support for Secure DC without any amendments. You can find emails for your at-large Councilmembers here.

Today, I want to answer some questions I’ve seen about the bill about how Secure DC will be effective in preventing crime, ensuring accountability when crime does occur, and improving government coordination across our public safety ecosystem.  

What’s in Secure DC

Secure DC includes over one-hundred legislative interventions and solutions that will make sustainable and meaningful improvements across the District to prevent crime, ensure accountability when crime does occur, and improve government coordination to make DC residents safer and more secure in our communities. I encourage you read this thorough and digestible overview of Secure DC’s provisions by DCist (written prior to the devastating announcement of the local outlet’s closure).

I am grateful to the thousands of residents, stakeholders, colleagues, and partners who testified at public hearings, joined public safety walks in all eight wards, and met with me to share their needs, advocate for change, and help shape and inform this landmark legislation.

I’ve heard questions about some of the key provisions in Secure DC that I want to answer, particularly as I’ve seen some misconceptions about what the bill includes and how it will impact our communities to improve public safety.

DNA Testing

I often discuss the importance of our US Attorney’s Office (USAO) and Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for prosecuting and closing cases. DNA testing is a critical tool for our law enforcement partners to assist in accurate prosecution, drive down recidivism, and bring justice to and support victims of crime.

DNA collection is a common-sense practice used in 31 states that has been shown to improve case closures for unsolved cases (particularly for sexual assault and homicide), reduce recidivism, and reduce the number of crimes committed.

I am deeply disappointed that this important, common-sense measure was amended out of Secure DC, and I will be working with my colleagues to ensure DNA analysis is included in the final package to hold repeat offenders accountable and better deliver justice to victims.

You can learn more about Secure DC and the Committee’s work at and reach out to my team at

Our city must be a safe place for residents in all eight wards, and I will keep working every day to improve safety and drive down the unacceptable levels of gun violence and crime our neighborhoods are experiencing.

Yours in Service,


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