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Follow-Up to Ward 2 Homelessness Community Meeting

Posted by
Emmanuel Brantley
October 2, 2020

Neighbors –

Many of you joined my recent community meeting on homelessness or have shared concerns with me and my team about neighbors experiencing homelessness. I hear your concerns and you can be assured that I am working with District agencies and community partners to move people into housing and alleviate homelessness in our community.

While homelessness impacts the District of Columbia in many of the same ways that it impacts other major cities, the homeless epidemic presents unique challenges for our city during this global health pandemic and has especially impacted Ward 2.

Understandably, businesses and residents are voicing concerns about the health and safety of those living in the encampments and that of other residents of the surrounding areas. With homelessness becoming more visible, there is an increasing awareness of the need to provide mental health support for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and city officials and community organizations are working hard to meet the demand.

During the community meeting we heard from the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and the DC Department of Human Services as well as community organizations including Friendship Place, People for Fairness Coalition, Miriam's Kitchen, and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Each shared important information on services provided to those experiencing homelessness. The presentations along with contact information for the panelists are included below.

While we have made great strides to support our residents in need and move folks into housing, I understand much more needs to be done and I am committed to continuing to work on this issue with the community.

Yours in Service,

Brooke Pinto

Click here to view the presentations:

Contact Information:

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services: FAQ’s, cleanup schedule, and general information at

Dept. of Human Services: Homeless Service Program Office: 202-399-7093  

Friendship Place: Alan Banks;

People for Fairness Coalition: Reggie Black;

Miriam's Kitchen: Jesse Rabinowitz;

Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless: Ann Marie Staudenmaier;

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