Councilmember Pinto calls for passage of her comprehensive omnibus legislation, Secure DC, to urgently address crime

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V. Casarrubias
January 10, 2024


Today, Councilmember Brooke Pinto introduced the Secure DC Omnibus, a historic public safety legislative package with over one hundred interventions that respond to calls from the community to address the unacceptable level of crime and violence undermining safety in the District. Councilmember Pinto, Chairwoman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, urges the Council to pass the legislation this month and the Executive to fund it in the upcoming budget.  

“Every day, I hear from residents across all eight wards about the urgent need to address crime in our neighborhoods. My Secure DC Omnibus is our opportunity to turn the tide on the crime trends that have overwhelmed our communities,” said Councilmember Pinto. “It is resoundingly clear—from residents across the District, businesses, visitors, and our federal and regional partners—that urgent and effective action is needed now.”

The legislation is informed by feedback from thousands of residents and stakeholders during hearings, public safety walks, and community meetings in all eight wards. Councilmember Pinto will move the Secure DC Omnibus for a vote out of the Committee on Wednesday, January 17th.

“Secure DC brings together the strongest legislative proposals I considered this fall to better equip DC agencies and communities with needed tools to prevent crime, increase accountability, and strengthen government coordination,” said Councilmember Pinto. “Secure DC is a critical and necessary step in the right direction.”

The Secure DC Omnibus includes provisions from Councilmember Pinto’s Secure DC Plan, along with many of the proposals from other colleagues and Mayor Bowser’s Safer Stronger and ACT Now bills. The Secure DC Omnibus includes the following initiatives, among others:  

Prevention and Ending Cycles of Violence

 Accountability for Crime

Government Coordination and Oversight

Secure DC Omnibus provisions are included from the following bills:  

  1. Addressing Crime through Targeted Interventions and Violence Enforcement (ACTIVE) Act
  1. Safe Commercial Corridors Amendment Act of 2023  
  1. Improving Safety and Emergency Response on Transit Corridors Amendment Act of 2023  
  1. Food Regulation Ensures Safety and Hospitality Specialty Training Aids Reentry Transition and Success (FRESH STARTS) Act of 2023
  1. Prioritizing Public Safety Emergency Amendment Act
  1. Office of Unified Communication (OUC) Transparency & Accuracy Amendment Act 2023
  1. Metro Safety Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Accountability and Victim Protection Amendment Act of 2023
  1. Addressing Crime Trends (ACT) Now Amendment Act of 2023 and Safer Stronger Amendment Act of 2023 (Mayor Muriel Bowser)
  1. Whole Government Response to Crime Act of 2023 (Councilmember Robert White)
  1. Private Security Camera System Incentive Program Small Business Expansion Amendment Act of 2023 (Councilmember Charles Allen)  
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