Standing against antisemitism

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October 26, 2022

Dear Neighbor,

Antisemitic incidents and hate crimes are rising across the country. I stand in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors and against these despicable acts. I am deeply angered that both the Kesher Israel Congregation and the George Washington University Hillel in our community experienced four troubling incidents of antisemitic harassment wherein antisemitic words were shouted at congregants as they attended services and antisemitic posters were plastered just outside the building during recent holiday observances.

As we see antisemitic speech and behavior spread in our communities, we must call out these unacceptable and dangerous viewpoints and actions. Synagogues are holy places of worship and congregants should be safe in these spaces and all spaces. While antisemitism is always wrong, that these occurrences happened during worship is especially abhorrent.  

Antisemitic statements made by neighbors, leaders, or celebrities like Kanye West must be condemned. I condemn antisemitic statements and actions, I stand against this hate, and I stand with our Jewish neighbors.

In solidarity,


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