Brooke's Briefing - Three Years as Your Ward 2 Councilmember

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Z. Ades
July 5, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

Last week marked my third year serving Ward 2 residents as your Councilmember. I am honored to have the opportunity to work on your behalf and represent you on the Council. Every day, I am reminded of the incredible community we have here in Ward 2, full of people who support their neighbors, celebrate our diversity, and are committed to making our city work even better for everyone. It is truly humbling to represent such a unique, vibrant, and inclusive ward.  

Over the past three years, I have focused on delivering results for Ward 2 residents and solving the most pressing problems facing our communities. In honor of 36 months in office, here is a list of 36 of the things I’m most proud to have accomplished for Ward 2 residents this year.

Promoting Public Safety

1. Secured a public safety budget that includes every dollar the police chief asked for, robust violence interruption funding, and measures to improve accountability and interrupt cycles of violence.

2. Restored funding for victim services in the 2024 budget.

3. Restored funding that was cut from Access to Justice program to provide legal aid for DC residents.

4. Established a new Safe Commercial Corridors Grant program to provide dollars for commercial neighborhoods to meet their urgent public safety needs.

5. Created a new Community Access pilot to ensure recreation spaces have the custodial and security infrastructure they need for communities to take advantage of them.

6. Introduced legislation to increase accountability for perpetrators and support victims.

7. Proposed legislation to enforce civil penalties for fare evasion.

8. Introduced legislation to ensure accountability and transparency at DC’s 911 call center.  

9. Proposed legislation to provide healthy food and expand access to hospitality career training in DC correctional facilities.  

10. Hosted a three-day roundtable on gun violence prevention.

11. Hosted a community meeting on public safety with MPD, the US Attorney’s Office, Office of the Attorney General, and Trigger Project.  

Addressing Homelessness

12. Introduced legislation to expand access to public restrooms.

13. Supported increases to Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding in the budget.

14. Introduced legislation for comprehensive reforms at the DC Housing Authority.

15. Supported funding the budget to purchase hotels for non-congregate short term bridge housing.  

16. Successfully advocated for increasing the number of housing case workers.  

Supporting Small Businesses and Ensuring Downtown Economic Recovery

17. Introduced and funded the core pillars of the RECOVERY Act to create a vibrant, resilient, and safe Downtown.  

18. Passed my bill the BEST Act to streamline business licensing and renewal so it’s easier to open and operate a small business in DC.  

19. Provided funding for Ward 2 Clean Teams, including establishing a new Clean Team in Chinatown.

20. Increased funding for Ward 2 Main Streets.  

Increasing the Availability and Reliability of Sustainable Transportation and Protecting the Environment

21. Introduced and funded an E-Bike rebate program.  

22. Introduced legislation to replace dangerous lead pipes.  

23. Secured funding for the K Street Transitway redesign.

24. Reinstated cut circulator routes.  

25. Supported establishing 24/7 bus service on the most frequented routes.  

26. Brought the community together for an Earth Day Community Clean-Up.  

Empowering Women and Girls

27. Introduced legislation to provide victims of online sexual harassment opportunities to seek justice.  

28. Passed legislation to require all public facilities provide free period products and fund free period products in DC Public Libraries.  

Other Ward 2 Priorities

29. Introduced legislation to streamline access to medical care.  

30. Introduced legislation to waive city fees for the Pride Parade.  

31. Introduced legislation to prevent insurers from discriminating against PrEP users.  

32. Funded critical upgrades to Ward 2 schools.  

33. Supported increased funding for out-of-school time programs.  

34. Increased the Early Literacy grant program.  

35. Supported funding a flexible teacher scheduling pilot program.  

36. Funded key Ward 2 projects in every neighborhood.

Reflecting on the last year fills me with gratitude for being able to do what I love every day and be surrounded by a team that is deeply committed to improving the lives of Ward 2 residents. And of course, none of our progress would be possible without the invaluable ideas from residents and collaboration from our community. Thank you!  

On July 12th, I will be holding Office Hours in the Shaw neighborhood at Compass Coffee (1535 Seventh St NW). I hope you’ll come out and share with me what you want to see in your neighborhood this summer and ask me any questions you have! RSVP here!

Yours in service,


Supporting the Pride Parade: Councilmember Pinto introduced legislation to waive all city fees for the Capital Pride Parade, Festival, and Block Party, hosted each year by the Capital Pride Alliance. The “Support for the Capital Pride Parade Amendment Act of 2023” empowers the work of the Capital Pride Alliance and reaffirms DC’s commitment to celebrating the LGBTQQIA+ community and their history and culture.  

Protecting PrEP Users: Councilmember Pinto introduced legislation to encourage the prescribed use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (an HIV prevention medication commonly called PrEP) and reduce stigma associated with HIV and HIV prevention medication by prohibiting insurers from factoring use of PrEP in decisions related to the issuance of disability, life, or long-term care insurance policies.

In the last few weeks, Councilmember Pinto and Team Pinto have been out and about in Ward 2 and across the city including to:

DCist: Bowser Crime Bill Draws Fierce Opposition, Support During Council Hearing. “‘Cities are facing many of the same challenges that we are across the country: police staffing shortages, a loss of trust in the police following George Floyd’s murder, and the lingering effects of reduced social services in the pandemic. But many other cities are managing to see improvements,’ [Pinto] said. ‘I think all of us here owe it to District residents to take a hard look at what our policies and programs are… to understand what those cities are doing right that we aren’t.’”

DCist: New D.C. Council Bill Would Stiffen Penalties For Certain Domestic Violence And Sexual Crimes. “‘We absolutely need a full scale modernization of our criminal code. Congress overturned our ability to do so,’ Pinto said. ‘And so while that is a better path forward, it is not appropriate for me or us as a city to say, ‘Well, because we can’t have the perfect version of what we fought for, we’re not going to do anything.’’”

FOX5: Giant Food president shares crime concerns and added safety measures. “In an email to FOX 5, D.C. Councilmember Brooke Pinto said, ‘I am deeply concerned by concerns businesses of all sizes have shared with me regarding the impact of crime and violence on the health and safety of their employees and their ability to successfully operate their business. In response to these concerns, I created in the budget a new Safe Commercial Corridors grant program that will provide commercial and retail areas with increased safety tools.’”

Washington Blade: D.C. bill would waive all city fees for Pride parade, festival. “’In a time when the rights and lives of LGBTQQIA+ Americans are under attack in so many corners of our country, we must, as the nation’s Capital, counter those vile attacks by lifting up and celebrating our LGBTQQIA+ neighbors,’ Pinto’s statement says.”

Team Pinto is going on neighborhood walks with each of our amazing Ward 2 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners! This week, we’re highlighting ANC 2E04 Commissioner Joseph Massaua. Brian from Team Pinto met with Commissioner Massaua to walk ANC 2E04 in the Georgetown University neighborhood. Some of the topics they discussed included student/neighbor relations to increase Georgetown student representation and investment for the east side of Georgetown’s campus, including revitalizing the Foundry Branch Tunnel and preserving the Trolley Trestle. If you live in ANC 2E04, you can reach Commissioner Massaua at

Did you know? ANC 2E04 is home to Georgetown University, the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit university and the top employer in the city. Commissioner Massaua is one of two Georgetown University student commissioners!

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