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Councilmember Brooke Pinto's Statement on Yesterday’s Attack on the US Capitol and the 15 Day Extension of the Public Emergency

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Emmanuel Brantley
January 7, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

I know many of us are scared and horrified by yesterday’s attack on the Capitol. The actions of these insurgents and the behavior of President Trump are abhorrent and reprehensible. Moreover, the President’s rhetoric and lack of leadership during this time of crisis are an affront to our democracy. Once again, President Trump has made clear that he is unfit for the Oval Office and that the 25th amendment should be invoked.

I am deeply disappointed that yesterday’s insurgents stormed the halls of Congress with very little consequence, while the memory of peaceful protestors being met with excessive force, chemical irritants, and senseless violence this past summer continues to stain our memories. This provocation represents a double standard in our society, and it is deeply troubling and unacceptable. I implore the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the United States Attorney’s Office, and the District’s Office of the Attorney General to pursue action against those responsible for yesterday’s attacks to the fullest extent of the law.

Our first priority will always remain to keep District residents safe. I applaud Mayor Bowser’s leadership and MPD for assisting the US Capitol Police during the emergency and thank our regional partners in Maryland and Virginia for responding to assist. Mayor Bowser also called upon the US National Guard for assistance, and the US Department of Defense denied this request for hours – endangering Members of Congress, staff, and District residents.

Washington, DC is home to thousands of protests and marches every year as protected by the First Amendment. However, when threats are posed to our residents, the District government must be able to mobilize quickly. These events are an important reminder that the words of the President and of our leaders do matter. It is also an important reminder of the need for DC to achieve statehood.

To protect District residents and visitors over the next two weeks and ensure maximum safety ahead of the Presidential inauguration, Mayor Bowser has extended the current public emergency by 15 days. This extension will empower the Mayor to utilize agency resources to keep our residents safe; it does not mean that there will be an automatic extension of curfews or rules each day and night. For more information on the extension, click here.

Early this morning, Congress certified the election results – a testament to the strength of our democratic institutions. Now, in just two short weeks, we will welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris to our city and work together to ensure a peaceful transition of power. I will always fight to keep our communities safe, and I remain grateful to have you as a neighbor as we stand in solidarity against hate and lies and stand up for democracy.

Yours in Service,


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